About Betty Hawk

Betty’s love of storytelling developed at an early age, when she discovered it was the cure to her small-town boredom. For a long time, she kept her stories to herself, but it was during her time studying Apparel Design & Technology at Purdue University that she began to take herself seriously as a writer. Most nights, when she should have been in the sewing lab working on deadlines for the annual fashion show, Betty was holed up in her tiny dorm room, typing away about fashionistas, monsters, and magic.

Once she graduated, Betty moved to New York City, where she’s been able to balance her passion for writing with her career in fashion. When she’s not designing childrenswear or writing books, Betty may venture out for a good cup of coffee or a kitschy dive bar experience, but she's most likely at home, curled up on the couch with her husband and their rescue bull terrier.